The 1st turbine training is finished


On the morning of April 30, 2021, the closing ceremony of the 1st turbine training of Huafeng Weiye Company was held at the 1208 training room of HTG Tower A. The company leaders, department managers, lecturers and trainees attended the ceremony. Mr. Jiang Qilong, the manager of HR Dept, presided over the ceremony.
Mr. Li Biao, the company management director and the manager of Production Management Dept, announced the result of the grade certification of the training. After strict assessment, most of the trainees passed the 1/2/3 turbine grade certification, and 14 passed the 4-grade certification.
After that, Mr. Chen Ting, the vice president, summarized the training, affirmed the training result, and put forward detailed requirement of improving the trainees’ professional skills and management level and the perfecting the following trainings. Then the representatives of lecturer and trainee made speeches.
At last, Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president, made the following requirements about trainees’ individual development, training result application and training organizing, combining with the company’s strategic vision.
The first, further strengthen the learning of professional knowledge of turbine. As the basis of commissioning, operation and maintenance, turbine is the core of the on-site project work. A comprehensive grasp of the knowledge of turbine will help to improve the individual's ability to analyze and solve problems and promote the good development of project work.
The second, establish the awareness of cross-professional learning and attach importance to the learning of professional knowledge. Technical authority is the real authority. Only by continuously strengthening the learning of various professional knowledge, comprehensively enriching one's own knowledge structure, and enhancing personal comprehensive ability can we gain the right to speak in the work, further enhance the company's core competitiveness, and promote the coordinated development of individuals and the company.
The third, promote professional training and grade certification. The training organizers of each project should combine the relevant experience in the headquarters training, benchmark the headquarters level certification work plan, effectively build the project department's own training system, and actively organize training activities based on the actual situation, cultivate a multi-functional system engineer, and help the company to finish the grade certification work.
According to the training plan, Huafeng Weiye Company has finished the grade certification work of I&C, electric and turbine and achieved periodical success. Next, the company will take the technology development and market competition as the orientation, improve the employees’ professional skills and management level, and comprehensively promote the grade certification work.