Morocco Jerada Project organizes emergency drill of oil tank on fire


In order to further strengthen the safety work of the project, enhance the fire safety awareness of employees, and comprehensively improve the emergency response ability of sudden fires, on April 13, 2021, Jerada Project organized a fire emergency drill in the oil tank area according to the spring inspection plan. The drill mainly includes alarm and emergency response, emergency response plan, control and elimination of fire sources, follow-up treatment, etc.
Before the drill, Mr. Li Qiusheng, the secretary of the project Party branch, gave a mobilization speech, required all participating teams to be close to actual situation, focus on the exercise process, reporting procedures after accidents, mutual contact and cooperation between personnel and departments, and the correct usage of fire-fighting facilities and equipment.
During the exercise, the participating teams entered the actual situation in an orderly manner according to the plan. From immediately reporting the fire situation, organizing voluntary firefighters to the site, the project initiating emergency plans, to the use of fire sprinkler systems, fire belts, and fire protection vehicles and fire extinguishers for rescue and firefighting, all links are in an orderly manner. The required contents of the drill are completed one by one, achieving the goal of a fast, accurate and successful fire drill.
After the exercise, Mr. Li made a summary and comments, expressing high recognition of the project’s ability to respond, judge, deal with the fire and coordinate operations in response to emergencies in the exercise, and emphasized that personnel from various departments should publicize and implement the exercise process in the department, continuously improve the overall level of emergency rescue work, so as to ensure that in the event of a fire and other emergencies, all employees can be familiar with the process, quickly and efficiently control the progress of the accident, and ensure the safety of the property and personnel of the project.