Myanmar Thaketa Project carries out spring inspection work


In order to promote the investigation and management of hidden dangers in production safety of the project, and fully implement the safety policy of “safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management”, the Myanmar Thaketa Project carefully organized and carried out spring inspection and elimination of deficiencies in accordance with the company’s spring inspection notice and the project’s spring safety inspection work arrangements.
The spring inspection work was led by Mr. Wang Jian, the project manager, started from equipment inspection and maintenance, fire protection, explosion protection, wind and rain protection and other details, and special safety inspections for the project's flammable and explosive hazardous chemicals. The inspection area involves plant-wide chemical management, on-site emergency facilities and liquefied gas management in the canteen, various chemicals and material warehouses; inspection items include natural gas pipeline network lightning and anti-static facilities, plant drainage and waterlogging prevention pipelines and facility dredging conditions, plant area rain leakage in various areas and preparation of emergency supplies; inspection facilities include maintenance of container tool warehouses, firewood generators, booster stations, electric fire pumps, booster stations, variable frequency power distribution rooms, smoke temperature sensors, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, and fire hoses. In addition, the security of the factory area was inspected and reinforced, an off-site patrol duty room was set up, and 10 security guards were added to patrol and inspect the outside of the factory area for 24 hours, and further requirements were put forward on the responsibilities of the project’s epidemic prevention and control area.
During the spring inspection safety inspection, all the personnel from various departments actively responded, rectified in an orderly manner, eliminated and rectified hidden project safety hazards by supplementing equipment, purchasing drugs, and increasing external walls, which greatly promoted the safe production of all departments’ implementation of the responsibility system and various systems, strengthened the risk pre-control and hidden danger investigation capabilities, improved the level of safety production management, ensured the safety of personnel and equipment as well as the safe and stable operation of the unit.