SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project finishes NDCT


At local time 8:00 of April 5, 2021, witnessed by SWCC, China Power International and ACWA Power, the NDCT (NDCNET Dependable Capacity Test) for Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair Combined Cycle Power Plant and Desalination Plant was finished successfully.
In order to ensure the progress of the test, the O&M team carefully studied the test plan, carefully organized and planned the NDCNET, and successfully completed the minor repair for GT62 and fuel commissioning for GT51, and all the units were started as planned and met the test requirements. During the test period, the 10 gas turbines, 10 boilers, and 5 steam turbines of the BLOCK20-60 on the power plant side were all operating at full load for 24 hours, and the total on-grid load remained above 2400MW. All parameters met the testing requirements. During this period, the maximum power generation load and grid load reached 2776MW and 2501MW respectively, and the low-pressure steam flow of the water supply plant reached 978kg/s.
The successful completion of the test verified the reliability and utilization of the project units, and at the same time demonstrated the work quality and professional level of the SEPCOIII O&M team, and won appreciation from SWCC, China Power International and ACWA POWER. Next, Huafeng Weiye Company will continue to organize the O&M team to fully carry forward the iron army work style, give full play to professional advantages, and go all out to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.