YanbuIII O&M Project organizes safety and production dule prevention mechanism training


In order to improve the safety management level of the project, and effectively promote the construction of the dual prevention mechanism for risk classification management and control and hidden danger checking and management, on April 7, 2021, Huafeng Weiye Company Yanbu Phase III O&M Project launched a special training course on dual prevention mechanism. The project leaders, department managers, engineers, safety management personnel, and all personnel of the shift 1 participated in the training.
Mr. Xiang Baolu, the project manager, introduced the purpose and significance of launching the dual prevention mechanism from the aspects of laws and regulations, domestic and foreign situation, safety innovation management, etc., expounded the overall requirements for the dual prevention mechanism, and took the hydrogen station of the project as an example, deeply explained the risk matrix of safety, health and environmental hazard identification and risk management. Mr. Xiang pointed out that in risk classification management and control, it is necessary to focus on six major processes including risk point identification, hazard source identification, risk evaluation and classification, management and control measures formulation, implementation of hierarchical management and control, and risk notification. In the investigation and management of hidden dangers, it is necessary to focus on the implementation of six major steps including making checklists, formulation of hidden hazard screening plans, organization and implementation of hidden hazard screening, implementation of hidden hazard management, hidden hazard rectification and acceptance, and emergency response, to achieve closed-loop management. Finally, Mr. Xiang emphasized that the construction of the dual prevention mechanism can fully mobilize the safety awareness of all employees in the project, carry out comprehensive and full-process safety management, solve the problems, and achieve a continued improvement of safety production situation.
All the participants actively interacted, spoke enthusiastically, had heated discussions and exchanges on the safety production issues of the project with Mr. Xiang, and provided suggestions to ensure the safe and stable operation of the project.
The dual prevention mechanism is an effective way to improve the safety level of the project, and it is also an effective means to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during the commissioning and trial operation periods. Through the dual prevention mechanism, two safety production "barriers" can be built to achieve the goal of controlling risks before hidden dangers are formed and eliminating hidden dangers before accidents, truly moving forward the risk threshold and shifting post-event treatment to pre-prevention.
The training is clear and easy to understand, and it has a strong guiding role in improving the risk identification ability of all personnel of the project. Through the training, the safety standardization construction of the project was further promoted, and a solid foundation was laid for comprehensively improving the safety production management level of the project and ensuring the long-term safe, stable and continuous operation of the unit.