Pipe blowing of #1 boiler of Iraq Salah Al-din Project is completed


On March 25, 2021, the ignition and pipe blowing job of #1 boiler of Huafeng Weiye Company Iraq Salah Al-din 2×630MW Oil-fired Power Plant Project is finished, which means that the #1 boiler satisfy the requirements of operation.
In order to ensure the ignition and pipe blowing job, the project prepared and organized carefully and completed 2 target practices at 23:55 of March 25 after 3 trial-blowing and 86 blowing jobs. The blowing pressure was 5 to 6MPa, the coefficient was over 1.4, installed target plate 9 times, the two visible impact marks are 6 and 5, and the max mark diameter is only 0.5mm.
The blowing work lasted 5 days, with a total of 38 commissioning and operating personnel. During the blowing process, the boiler was shut down twice, except for the drum level, the main protection of the boiler was all put in. There were no abnormal conditions such as water wall over-temperature, boiler MFT, and all the indicators were normal, which fully demonstrated the superb commissioning capabilities and efficient operation management capabilities of Huafeng Weiye Company.
At present, both units of the project have entered the peak period of commissioning and construction. The commissioning team of Huafeng Weiye Company will continue to promote the iron army spirit, make persistent efforts to ensure the completion of the subsequent jobs of the project.