Company organizes electrical training


At 9:00 of March 15, 2021, the opening ceremony of the 1st electrical training was held at the 1208 training room of building A. The company leaders, department managers and 37 trainees attended the ceremony, and Mr. Jiang Qilong, the HR manager, held the ceremony.
Mr. Li Xuesong, the vice president, firstly introduced the training discipline and goals to the trainees, talked about the direction of capability improving of the project managers, emphasized the importance and necessary of the training, and required the trainees to break the barriers between different majors, learn from both theories and practice, and bring the training results to the projects to improve the teams’ capabilities.
After that, Mr. Jiang introduced the teachers, trainees and courses to them.
Mr. Peng Hong, the secretary of the Huafeng Weiye Company Party Committee, explained the work report made by Mr. Wang Lujun, and made the following requirements combining with the report.
The first, have a deep understanding of the company's concepts and systems, understand the company's strategic plan, cherish the training opportunities, respond to the requirements raised by the intensified market competition, and enhance our core competitiveness. 
The second, understand the Three-state Principle put forward by Mr. Wang, and take the company's benefits as the most important thing in the face of difficulties. Actively learn the advanced individuals and matters that emerged during the epidemic prevention and control period of the Dubai Aluminum Plant Project, and strictly demand ourselves with the principle.
The third, steadily improve self-management and innovation capabilities, fully dig our potential, further strengthen the company's market competitiveness while enhancing its core competitiveness, and promote the coordinated development of individuals and the company.
The electrical training is the further exploration of grade certification based on the successful holding of the I&C DCS training of Huafeng Weiye Company in order to improve the management ability and technical core competitiveness of all personnel. Next, the 37 trainees will have a 20-day training in the headquarters.