Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project organizes counter terrorism drill


In order to enhance the employees’ safety awareness and self-rescue capabilities of emergencies, improve their abilities of response, judgment and treating to emergencies, and maximize the personnel safety in emergency states specific to the recent situation of Myanmar, the Thaketa O&M Project organized a counter terrorism drill at 18:20 of March 8, 2021.
In the drill, about 30 people took tools, gathered at the gate of the power plant, and asked us to discontinue and participate in the demonstration. They suddenly forced into the plant, threw burning bomb, and caused fire. The emergency group immediately started the emergency plan, and notified the personnel to escape from the # 4 building exit, and called the police; the staff in the centralized control building quickly manually shut down, implemented self-help, and came back to the relaying room. The police arrived in time and subdued the bully. Then they gave simple first-aid dressing to injured personnel, and took them to the hospital for treatment, and the remaining personnel applied to startup after firefighting.
The drill finally achieved good result. It exercised the emergency handling ability of the personnel, tested the rapid response ability of the project's emergency rescue system, improved the project's self-rescue ability, and enhanced employees’ emergency prevention awareness. Next, the project will further summarize the experience from the drill, pay close attention to the situation of Myanmar, constantly improve the emergency plan and emergency work level, and ensure the safety of the staff and project's normal operation.