Three guarantees on SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project for the Spring Festival


It's another New Year holiday, and getting together is everyone's inner hope. Whether the one working hard outside, or the parent waiting for the return of their children at home, they all hope to get together at this moment. In view of the severe COVID-19 epidemic overseas, most of the staff of SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project chose to celebrate the new year locally as the same as many projects of the company.
In order to make every employee to have a good New Year holiday abroad, the project strictly implemented the company's requirements for stabilizing the production order of the project during holiday and ensured the atmosphere of the Spring Festival overseas with "three guarantees".
Continue to grasp the prevention and control of the epidemic to ensure the health of employees during the Spring Festival. The project held a special meeting in advance to study and solve various problems that may be encountered in overseas project epidemic prevention and control and personnel stability during the Spring Festival. In accordance with the principle, continue to do a good job of gridding control and multi-channel reserve for epidemic prevention, personnel entry and exit registration approval with body temperature testing, access control management, regular disinfection, meal sharing, health tracking, relative closed management and other specific measures, strictly and carefully implement the matters, and guard the Healthy Gate of the project during the Spring Festival.
Strengthened safety management and control to ensure the safety of employees. Before and after the Spring Festival is a sensitive period for production safety, the project required the managers to perform their duties, personally deploy to take the lead on duty, and carry out pre-holiday safety inspections to investigate hidden dangers in key parts of the project, especially the stock of anti-epidemic drugs and materials, the construction site, warehouses and large-scale machinery and equipment of the project to eliminate potential safety hazards in time and ensure a stable situation during the Spring Festival.
Did a good job of condolences and care to ensure that employees feel at ease. The project increased the frequency of psychological counseling and condolences for employees and their family members who cannot return to the country for vacation, paid close attention to the work demands, life needs and ideological trends of many employees, and helped overseas project employees and their family members to properly handle their urgencies and difficulties. At the same time, increased care for employees who are stranded in overseas projects due to work needs, epidemic prevention and control needs, and other personnel such as subcontracting teams, outsourcing labor services, and migrant workers are all included in the project's condolences, assistance, epidemic prevention and control, in order to make them to have a peaceful holiday during the Spring Festival. 
Carried out various cultural and sports activities. During the Spring Festival, on the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention, the project carried out several activities such as gridding autonomous dining, online e-sports, and online knowledge contests in order to enrich the holiday life of the employees and make them to feel a different atmosphere of the Spring Festival.
The epidemic separated the distance between you and me, but the love and warmth of colleagues cannot be separated. In 2021, all personnel of the project will continue to carry forward the Iron Army Spirit, work hard to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, and make more contribution to the development of the company.