Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project completes renovation project of chemical raw water


On Feb 10, 2021, with the great support of the headquarters, Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project completed the renovation project of chemical raw water with qualified parameters, which is a great gift of the Spring Festival to the company.
The chemical raw water renovation project is one of the annual key renovation projects of Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project. Since January 6, the project mobilized capable forces, established the technical transformation team led by Mr. Sun Jianhua, the vice chief engineer, formulated a detailed transformation plan, worked together, acted quickly, and tried to complete the job before the Spring Festival. 
From Jan 6 to Feb 8, all the staff worked on the site from 7:30 in the morning to 22:00 in the evening, completed all the installation and welding works with their shoulders and hands, and no one was violated or injured. Safe and civilized production on site maintained a high level. Finally, the chemical raw water transformation was successfully completed.
The transformation has satisfactorily met the expected parameter requirements, met the requirements of circulating water quality, reduced the concentration of chloride ions and iron ions in the circulating water, and greatly reduced the harm to the condenser, steam and water pipeline and other equipment, ensured the safe operation of the unit, and further promoted the energy saving and emission reduction work of the project.