Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project is awarded Advanced O&M Team by the owner


On the morning of Feb 2, 2021, the owner of Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project issued 2020 Annual Advanced O&M Team to the project and Annual Advanced Individual to Mr. Wang Jian, the O&M project manager.
Mr. Li Cong, the manager of Operation Dept of U Energy, issued the medal and certificate on behalf of the owner. Mr. Li said, under the background of the global outbreak of the COVID-19, Thaketa Power Plant still successfully completed the 2020 power generation task and reached a new high in the three years since it was put into production, which is inseparable from the hard work of the O&M team in the past year. He hopes that the team will continue to work hard in the new year and achieve better results, and he would like to express the heartfelt thanks to SEPCOIII and Huafeng Weiye Company for their continuous support and dedication. Mr. Wang Jian expressed his gratitude to the owner for the trust and affirmation. He stated that he would actively cooperate with the owner, work harder, overcome the difficulties, strengthen and improve internal operation management, pay close attention to on-site safety production, continuously improve the level of unit operation and maintenance, and provide better service to the owner.
The owner’s affirmation is the greatest appreciation and evaluation of the works of the project O&M team. Next, the team will continue to implement the iron army spirit, maintain the original intention, and go all out to do the O&M jobs to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.