Morocco Jerada O&M Project participates into Chinese-funded enterprises annual meeting


On Jan 29, 2020, the China’s embassy in Morocco held the Chinese funded enterprises annual meeting via videoconferencing to conclude the business of 2020, arrange the key works of 2021, promote the economic and trade operation and help the Chinese-funded enterprises. Mr. Mao Jun and Ms. Yang Peipei, the counselors of the embassy and the enterprises principals participated into the meeting. Morocco Jerada O&M project was invited to the meeting on behalf of SEPCOIII, and Mr. Li Qiusheng, the secretary of the third branch of Huafeng Weiye Company Party Committee, made a work report on the meeting.
In the report, Mr. Li mentioned that the Jerada project is the first chapter of the cooperation between China and Morocco in the field of electric power construction. It has truly realized Chinese design, Chinese manufacturing, Chinese construction, and Chinese operation and maintenance. Its spectacular scale and the advanced technology have become a beautiful Chinese business card in Morocco. The high-quality construction and commissioning of the project has not only solved the local power shortage problem, but also contributed to the local social and economic growth with Chinese power. Especially in 2020, in the face of the adverse effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, the O&M team of the project has overcome many difficulties and has made overall plans to achieve both epidemic prevention and production, and provided a continuous power supply for the local area to fight the epidemic and protect people's livelihood. At the same time, during the execution of the project, the project took the initiative to fulfill the responsibilities of the Chinese enterprise, which greatly promoted local employment and economic development, was highly praised by the local government and the public, and improved the brand image and reputation of Chinese-funded enterprises in Morocco. Finally, Mr. Li summarized and reported on the work of Party building in the past year, and said that under the correct leadership of the embassy in Morocco and the company’s Party committee, the Party branch gave full play to the role of the grassroots Party organization’s battle fortress and the vanguard role of Party members in epidemic prevention and control and played an important role in branch activities and Party member development.
Mr. Mao spoke highly of the achievements of SEPCOIII in Morocco and appreciated the contribution made by the company.
The meeting further enhanced the communication between the project and embassy and other Chinese-funded enterprises and built firm foundation for further develop the market and better executing the project.