Company obtains the EPC qualification of electric power engineering


On Jan 15, 2021, Huafeng Weiye Company obtained the EPC qualification of electric power engineering, which means the company achieved new breakthrough of business and qualification.
As a part of EPCO industrial chain, the company constantly promotes the capability building base on its strategic positioning and achieved great advance on commissioning, O&M, performance testing, DCS configuration, electrical set value calculation, vibration handling, and also gained scientific and effective HR organization and allocation capability, built scientific management systems, polished professional technological capability and accumulated rich project execution experience. Meanwhile, the company constantly works hard on obtaining qualifications and has obtained the Power Source Commissioning Special Grade Qualification and the Qualified Laboratory Certificate from CNAS, which ensured the project implementation with qualifications.
According to the need of business development and in order to strengthen the capability of qualification, the company applied for the EPC qualification in 2020. After the examination and a series of process, the competent department issued the third grade of EPC qualification of electric power engineering for undertaking the thermal, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind power and solar power generation engineering under 100MW and the power transmission line and substation under 110KV.