SA RAK O&M Project completes annual task successfully


Up to 24:00 of Dec 31, 2020, the electric energy production of Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project was 22.472 billion kWh, and the steam supplied to the water plant was 2,938,900 ton, which means that the project completed the annual O&M task successfully. Recently, Mr. Abdullah B. Al-Anazi, the executive manager, sent Letter of Appreciation with highest praise on behalf of SWCC leaders and the onsite team to the O&M team for their remarkable service.
Since 2020, with the outbreak and continuous spreading of the epidemic, the O&M Project strictly implemented normalized prevention and control measures in accordance with the company's overall deployment of epidemic prevention and control and operation and production, insisted on "stabilizing on-site personnel team, stabilizing on-site production order and stabilizing the supply of living materials for the project", tided over various difficulties for epidemic control and production safety management, especially the investigation of hidden production hazards, and created favorable conditions for the project to block the epidemic and complete the annual production tasks. By the end of 2020, the project's epidemic prevention and control and safety production had achieved phased result. The project not only ensured the life, health and safety of all personnel but also made a new breakthrough of units’ long-term stable operation.
In 2020, the O&M team cooperated with equipment manufacturers to complete the minor repair tasks of 6 sub-units on the gas turbine side, completed the intermediate repair tasks of 2 sub-units on the steam turbine side, completed the 2020 annual task with 18 billion kWh more than 70 days in advance, completed the production task of local SEC power grid and SWCC water plant with high standards, cooperated with the EPC project to complete the release of the contract guarantee, and won the bid of new O&M contract with superb O&M technology and excellent performance in the competition with other equipment manufacturers and many local O&M companies.