The 2nd DCS training is opened


At 9:00 of Jan 12, 2021, Huafeng Weiye Company held the opening ceremony of the 2nd DCS simulating training at the 1208 training room of building A. The company leaders, project managers and 40 teachers and trainees attended the ceremony held by Mr. Li Biao, the company management director and the manager of Production Management Dept.
Mr. Sun Haitao, the vice president, made a speech on the ceremony and introduced the planning, organizing, contents, targets and the importance of the training, and required all the trainees to improve themselves via the training, understand the company management orientation, enhance the core competitiveness and move forward with the company.
After that, Mr. Peng Hong, the secretary of the Party committee and the vice president, required that all the persons in the training should pay high attention to it, enhance their professional competence and comprehensive abilities, close to the company’s development trend and management concept, help the company to realize the development vision.
Finally, Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president of the company, made the following requirements about team building, talent training and ability improvement.
The first, accelerate the training schedule and strive to complete the trainings for the technical management personnel, commissioning personnel, O&M project leaders with good training results.
The second, the technical management personnel and project management personnel should play the exemplary roles for grade certification and interdisciplinary training.
The third, the personnel of production management, technical management and project management should improve their abilities to build the technical authority and improve the core competitiveness and right of speech.
Organizing the DCS training is one of the normal training activities in order to improve the interdisciplinary capabilities of the technical management personnel and promote the integrated talents training as well as an important practice of enhance the core competitiveness of the talent.
According to the training plan, the company will carry out the training covering I&C, electric, turbine, chemistry, operation, maintenance, BOP, and performance testing with related grade certifications. In order to ensure the training result, the company will summarize the good experience of the 1st DCS training held in Oct, 2020, extend the scope of trainee, and improve the content, organizing process and materials of the training. Next, the 40 teachers and trainees including the technical management personnel, production management personnel and project management personnel will have a 20-day training.