Emergency drill on Dubai Aluminum CCPP Project


In order to implement the safe production policy, improve the operators’ capability of emergency treatment, on January 6, 2020, the commissioning and operation team of Dubai Aluminum CCPP Project organized an emergency drill of natural gas leakage under the guidance of the EPC Commissioning Management Dept.
The drill simulates a natural gas leakage near the #1 filter in operation. The operator found that and immediately came to a safe area and reported the information. The team made an accurate judgment, activated the emergency plan as soon as possible, evacuated the personnel in the pressure regulating station area, monitored the parameters of the natural gas pressure regulating station, and the emergency response personnel correctly wear protective equipment, went to the site to perform filter switching operations and isolate leaks, and implemented regional isolation control. After the on-site isolation was completed, the emergency response personnel checked the normal operation of the on-site equipment, and checked and reported specific leaks. Confirmed by the centralized control room, checked all the parameters of the DCS and the unit, and the drill was over.
After the drill, the effectiveness of emergency plans and execution procedures were further evaluated, the mastery of the execution procedures and the actual operation level of the operators were inspected, and the coordination and emergency response capabilities of the team in emergencies were improved, and the proficiency of all employees in emergency was also improved. Next, the commissioning and operation team will continue to strengthen safety management and safety training, organize targeted emergency drills combining with the on-site actual conditions, and improve emergency response capabilities to ensure safe production and lay a solid foundation for the implementation of EPC projects.