Company organizes health knowledge training


In order to enrich the employees’ health knowledge and initiate the healthy working and living idea, on the morning of December 29, 2020, Huafeng Weiye Company invited Mr. Fu Hong, the trainer of health public training of Qingdao, and organized a health knowledge training, and about 30 employees attended the training.
At the beginning, Mr. Peng Hong, the secretary of the Party committee and vice president of Huafeng Weiye Company underlined the importance of the training and required all the departments to implement the epidemic preventing and controlling measures and pay close attention to the health condition of the employees.
After that, Mr. Fu taught the course about food safety, basic disease, cancer, importance and methods of improving individual health management, and answered questions provided by the attendees. The lecture and demonstration gave professional knowledge of safety and health but also built firm foundation for the employees’ works and life.
Employee is the most important fortune of a company, and concerning about their health implements the concept of people first and life first. Organizing the training will further improve the employees’ capability of self-care and ensure the safe and stable operation of the company.