Certificate of Appreciation from SWCC to Yanbu III O&M team


One week ago, at local time 11:00 of December 17, 2020, SWCC, the owner of Saudi Arabia Yanbu Phase III Project, held the meeting of appreciation. Mr. Hani Khalawi, the chairman of supervision committee of SWCC issued the certificate of appreciation to the O&M team of Yanbu III project in order to appreciate the excellent service provided by the project and the great contribution made by the O&M team especially Mr. Liu Chonggang, the O&M deputy manager. Mr. Hani and Mr. Tareq Khawaji, the executive deputy manager, Mr. Klaus Goettsche, the site manager from FICHTNER, Mr. Jia Zhijian, the manager of Commerce Dept of the EPC project, Mr. Ni Zhao, the deputy manager of Engineering Dept, Mr. Farid Saudi, the commissioning manager from GE, Mr. Xiang Baolu, the O&M project manager attended the meeting.
Mr. Hani said that with the great support of the O&M team, the project perfectly finished the steam and power supply jobs of five sets, solved the technical problems including ash conveying system blocking, #2 oil gun blocking, lower PH value of low-load operation and aerated conduit scaling, which set up excellent image of SEPCOIII.
After that, Mr. Hani gave the certificate of appreciation to Mr. Liu and took group photos with the attendees.
The year 2020 is a special year with ordeal and challenge due to the COVID-19. Under the guidance and arrangement of the leaders of EPC project, all the departments worked hard and cooperated with each other for controlling and preventing the epidemic. The O&M team focused on project promoting, implemented the arrangement of EPC project, tided over all the difficulties, and finished all the jobs including updating the checking list and PTW, updating the Chinses working procedure and O&M handbook, analyzing the main defects and problems, and solving series of problems. When dealing with the oil gun blocking problem, Mr. Liu overthrew the judgment made by GE through systematic checking and scientific analyzing with the support of EPC project leaders, carried out the plan of regulating the manual throttle of natural gas flame check, and successfully solved the problem of high load operation of #2 boiler.
The appreciation shows recognition from the owner to the O&M team, and it is also the motivation to the team. Next, Huafeng Weiye Company will continue to lead the Yanbu III O&M team with the iron army working style, cooperate with the EPC project, promote the project with professional advantages, and make more contribution to further developing the market of power in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.