Outstanding Power Plant Award for Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project


Up to 24:00 of Dec 16, 2020, the Myanmar Thaketa Power Plant operated by Huafeng Weiye Company generated 800 million KWH based on the 44-day advanced completion of annual power generation, which helped the power plant win the Outstanding Power Plant Award from Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar.
Thaketa Combined Cycle Power Plant is an important project of the Belt and Road. The phase I is constructed by the company as the EPC contractor and operated by Huafeng Weiye Company, and its capacity is 106MW. The power plant was put into commercial operation in Feb of 2018. It is the most efficient natural gas power plant with the minimum energy consumption in Myanmar. It generates 15% of the gross generation of Rangoon for more than 42,000 families and produces 720 million KWH to the grid of Myanmar, and these made it to be a good example of the Belt and Road and the energy cooperation between China and Myanmar.
With the operation and maintenance of Huafeng Weiye Company, the project perfectly completed the annual power generation tasks for 3 years and even completed the task of 2020 ahead of time for 44 days. A few days ago, Ministry of Electricity and Energy of Myanmar gave the Outstanding Power Plant Award to the power plant in order to appreciate the safe and stable operation and its contribution to relieving the tension power supply and promoting the economic and social development of Myanmar.