Successful energization on Dubai Aluminum CCPP Project


At 10:06 of Nov 5, 2020, Dubai Aluminum CCPP Project succeeded with all powered devices operating normally which marks another milestone completed successfully.

The project organized the epidemic prevention and safety technology transfer, sorted out and formulated a complete implementation plan, and carried out several joint inspections before the reverse power supply to ensure that there were no end work or defects, and the protection input rate of the start-up reserve transformer and its corresponding load section was 100%, resulting in an excellent installation and commissioning, laying a solid foundation for the success of the reverse power supply. The whole process of power delivery was safe and stable, and the owner gave high praise to the high quality and efficient working efficiency of the project.

The successful energization means that the project has move into the partial trial operation period, and it also provides stable and reliable power to subsystem commissioning and trial operation. Next, the project will continue to maintain the spirit of hardworking and fighting, complete the remaining tasks with high quality to ensure the target of power generation.