Morocco Jerada O&M Project completes B class maintenance


At local time 19:08 of October 27, 2020, the Morocco Jerada 1×350MW Coal-fired Supercritical Unit was started up and synchronized after B class maintenance, which means that the Morocco Jerada O&M Project completed the annual unit maintenance work in advance within 17 days, and this built a firm foundation for the long-term safe and steady operation of the unit.

The project staff tided over the difficulties with solidary and 100% finished 114 maintenance jobs including 106 standard items, 1 special item and 7 defect elimination items, finished the key maintenance jobs such as boiler anti-abrasion and anti-explosion checking, mill checking, maintenance for force draft fan and closed water pump HV motor, inner leakage valve replacement and DCS controller card upgrading, and the maintenance quality rate is 100%. All the departments worked hard together, finished the commissioning and tests for the systems and equipment after the maintenance, ensued the starting and synchronization of the unit, built firm foundation for improving the conditions of equipment, and gave strong guarantee to reaching the annual power generation target.

The maintenance is completed with the company Party committee’s guidance and the headquarters’ support as well as the joint effort during epidemic period of the project staff. Next, the project will work harder for the following operation jobs of the unit and strive for greater achievements.