The 1st training for shift leaders and commissioning chief engineers is closed


At 09:30 on September 17th, 2020, the closing ceremony of the first training for shift leaders and commissioning chief engineers of Huafeng Weiye Company was held at the International Academic Exchange Center of Qingdao University. The company leadership, relevant functional department managers, the managers and all students attended the ceremony.

Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president of the company, attended the ceremony, further introduced the company’s development strategy in his speech, emphasized the implementation of the fifth five-year plan, and put forward three requirements to all the students:

Mr. Jiang Qilong, the manager of HR Department, made a brief report on the overall situation of training, and organized the issuance of honorary certificates to 5 outstanding part-time teachers and 5 outstanding students. During this period, representatives of the outstanding part-time teachers and outstanding students made presentations about their training experience. 

The training was opened on August 8th, using a fully closed management training model, lasting 41 days. During the period, a total of 51 technical courses, 17 management courses ,10 professional technical examinations, 10 project management seminars, 1 quality expansion. Among them, the instructor, both "the student is the teacher, the teacher is the student" role exchange independent teaching, but also specially invited experts to teach, both parent company leaders, but also functional management room teaching; training form, both course teaching and discussion; discussion content both project characteristics, industry common, both experience sharing and lesson warning; evaluation methods, both professional defense test.

Through this training, all the trainees systematically and comprehensively received management training covering production, commissioning, operation, maintenance, safety, corporate culture, operation and management, epidemic prevention and control, and professional training such as gas turbine, steam engine, boiler, thermal engineering, chemistry, electrical and performance testing, which effectively improved the level of production management and technical capability. Finally, a total of 36 students obtained the shift leader and commissioning chief engineer qualification certificate, which will also serve as an important basis and qualification for Huafeng Weiye Company.

After that, the company will take this training course as an opportunity to further strengthen the training of talents, strengthen the team building, and strive to shoulder its mission responsibility in strict accordance with the new requirements and new standards of the construction of the transportation links in accordance with the company’s fifth five-year plan, and make due contributions to the company’s vision landing.