Successful ignition of GT of Bahrain Al Dur phase II project


The daily average temperature in Bahrain, the country where the Al Dur phase II project is located, is about 40℃. At the same time, since Bahrain is still affected by the COVID-19, the number of newly diagnosed patients is still high, these bring huge challenge to the commissioning and trial operation works. However, as qualified Huafeng Weiye personnel, under the normalized conditions of epidemic prevention and control, the staff were not afraid of high temperature and intense heat, and efficiently promoted the ignition of GT11 on site and full speed without load.

On August 18, 2020, under the leadership of the project leaders, the professional leaders and operators came to the centralized control room to gather as soon as they went to work to conduct various preparations before the ignition. After the final confirmation that the jobs are ready, the gas turbine was ignited successfully at 16:00 in the afternoon, and the gas turbine speed is finally stabilized at 3000 rpm, reaching full speed and no load, and all parameters are displayed normally.

As the first project of going back to the site during the epidemic, the Bahrain Project carried the expectations of the entire company. Every member here was aware of the weight of the burden. In order to ensure the ignition can be successful, the project team has overcome the pressure of the gas turbine supplier's Siemens manufacturer's extreme non-cooperation, the factory agent cannot enter the site due to the epidemic factors, and the EPC hires third-country labor personnel to diagnose the new crown. They have always adhered to close cooperation to ensure the success of the first ignition of the gas turbine today. All of these have been highly recognized and praised by the owner HAYA and the EPC project. The leadership team of the project also expressed their heartfelt thanks to the colleagues who fought day and night on various fronts. Everyone's unremitting efforts and hard work made today's success.

At present, the epidemic prevention situation in Bahrain is still severe, and the project's commissioning and delivery schedule is still tight, but we will overcome all the difficulties to ensure the successful completion of our goals, and use practical actions to prove that everyone in the Bahrain project is a talent for the company.