Full-load generation of Luneng Haixi Photothermal Power Plant


At 17:34 of August 9, 2020, under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Lv Tao, the chief engineer, and technical personnel, the Luneng Haixi Photothermal Power Plant achieved full-load power generation for the first time, marking the great success of the Haixi units and laying a solid foundation for subsequent unit performance tests. 

In the process of realizing full-load power generation, the commissioning and operation team of the Haixi Project overcame difficulties, worked hard, and performed their duties in accordance with the start-up plan and operation procedures for operation, inspection, recording and acceptance, and strictly implemented the "two sheets and three systems", the operation instructions were communicated in a timely and accurate manner, the operation was standardized and safe, the feedback was clear and fast, and the related equipment was without abnormal, which demonstrated the excellent technical level of the project’s commissioning and operation personnel and won the approval of both the EPC contractor and the owner.

The successful completion of the unit's full-load power generation won time for the commercial operation of the unit and laid foundation for the high-standard commissioning of the unit.