Morocco Jerada O&M Project completes technical improvement test of air-cooling spray system


In order to further implement the requirement of the company’s safe production goal and solve the problems of the air-cooling unit, Morocco Jerada O&M Project made the technical improvement plan and finished the installation and commissioning of the spray system on June 27, 2020. Up to July 27, the technical improvement project had been put into operation for one month and the related parameters were optimized significantly.

This technical improvement is the annual key project of the project. In order to ensure the smooth progress of various tasks, the project’s O&M team, with the overall support of the company’s headquarters, carefully organized, closely cooperated and worked together with all on-site personnel for the epidemic prevention and control on the one hand, and overcame many difficulties such as the delay of equipment and materials, the shortage of on-site construction personnel, and the high temperature of the construction environment on the other hand, and successfully completed the large air cooling technical improvement project before the arrival of the summer high temperature season. Subsequently, through the one-month data collection, test records, comparative analysis, combined with the total water production capacity of July and August, the water consumption during normal operation of the unit, and the water consumption of the small air-cooled spray, the O&M team summarized the best solution finally.

Through strict implementation of the plan and careful adjustment of operation, the ambient temperature limit of the unit under full load conditions was increased from 33℃ to 40℃, and the ambient temperature above 31℃ was put into the large air cooling spray system, which reduces the coal consumption of power supply by 2.8-15.3g/ kwh, achieved an additional power generation capacity of 3,600,000 MWh in July. In addition, the large air-cooling spray system is put into use, which reduces the condensate temperature at the inlet of the finishing treatment, prolongs the regeneration cycle of the mixed bed cation bed, improves the operation safety of the summer air-cooling island, and reduces the operation risk of the unit under high back pressure conditions.

The technical improvement of the spray system of the large air-cooling island achieved great success, created favorable conditions for ensuring the safe and stable operation of the unit at full load during the summer high temperature period, and laid the foundation for the successful completion of the unit’s availability index. Next, the project will continue to optimize the performance indicators of the unit in accordance with the company’s energy saving and consumption reduction requirements to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, and strive to complete the annual safety production goal.