The second anniversary of completing commercial O&M by Pakistan Haveli O&M Project


On May 9, 2018, Pakistan Haveli O&M Project officially took over the commercial operation and maintenance of Pakistan Haveli 1230MW Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant. Up to now, all production indicators have met the requirements of the contract, which is highly recognized and praised by the owners, local government, and other parties.

Since the project took over the commercial operation and maintenance work of Haveli Power Plant, under the leadership of the company headquarters, the project has made great progress in various tasks, which demonstrates the excellent quality of the Huafeng Weiye O&M team.

Continue to improve the management capabilities of the project and improve the management ideas of the project. Through the company's Management Improvement Year, the project actively benchmarked the relevant departments of the headquarters and brother projects to find their own shortcomings and actively improved them. The management work of the project has been greatly improved. Management cannot be accomplished overnight, and every aspect of planning, production and service must be continuously improved. The project comprehensively sorts out the operation and maintenance business process and builds a relatively standardized, normalized, professional and scientific management system that meets the local reality of Pakistan. In February of 2020, the project passed the ISO9001, ISO45000 and ISO18000 system certifications in accordance with the contract requirements. It continuously improved various management system documents, strict discipline, strict management, and strict assessment system, strengthened information management, fully implemented the Maximo system utilization rate, and introduced and implemented the HRMS system.

Always insist on putting safety production first at work, and take strengthening safety awareness and improving safety skills as the top priority of safety work. The project responded to the company's call to improve various safety management systems and clarify the safety responsibilities of personnel at all levels; actively organized employees to learn and sign the Safety Production Goal Responsibility Letter; strictly implemented the "two sheets and three systems" to regulate employees' safety behaviors. Strictly implemented and evaluated labor discipline, inspection discipline, and operation discipline; regularly organized all employees to learn about unsafe incidents, summarized experience, and prevented failure; enhanced environmental protection awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, planting trees, and building green and beautiful power plants.

Pay close attention to production management and strict technical implementation, lay a good foundation for ensuring the stability of various indicators of the unit. The project actively faced and overcome various difficulties and achieved gratifying results.

Actively respond to the company's employee localization strategy and take employee training as a normal job. Up to now, the project has grown from the first few Pakistani employees to a total of 129 Pakistani employees including various important management positions and technical positions, and the employee localization rate has reached 80%. The project formulates the TNA training plan every year according to the contract requirements, and supervises each month according to the training feedback of each department.

Facing the severe epidemic, the project actively took various measures to ensure the normal progress of safe production. Since the first suspected case was discovered in Pakistan on February 27, 2020, up to July 29, there have been more than 270,000 confirmed cases nationwide in Pakistan. Currently, Pakistan is at the peak of the outbreak. The severe epidemic prevention and control situation has greatly affected the smooth development of various production work of the project, and brought great challenges to the project for completing the annual production goals. In this regard, the project made overall arrangements, planned, and actively followed the deployment and requirements of the parent company and the company to resolutely implement the prevention and control plan and various protective work to ensure the safe and orderly progress of the project’s production work.

Achievements can only represent the past. Next, the project will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of "science, professional, perseverance, and transcendence", focusing on the main line of internally grasping safe production to ensure stability, and externally building corporate image for development, in order to create a professional localized operation and maintenance power station enterprise, and strive to make more contributions to the development of the company's operation and maintenance business.