Ms. Ma Shumei and Mr. Sun Haitao visit Haixi Project


Ms. Ma Shumei and Mr. Sun Haitao, the vice presidents, visit Haixi Project from July 15 to 16, 2020. Accompanied by the leaders of the project, Ms. Ma and Mr. Sun went to the production site and employees’ living area and office area for 2 days to learn about the project’s party building, safety production, equipment dispatch, team building, logistics support, contract execution, and related new energy market development, and conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with the relevant personnel of the EPC contractor and the owner.

At the production site, the research team inquired about the on-site production situation in detail, understood the difficulties and problems in the current dispatching stage, and made requirements for the on-site dispatching work to regulate the "two sheets and three systems", operation and operation, and supervise the subsequent equipment maintenance. In the centralized control room, Ms. Ma and Mr. Sun expressed their condolences to the on-site personnel, fully affirmed the achievements of the Haixi project in commissioning and operation in the past year, and encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts and reach the next level. In the subsequent exchanges with the EPC contractor and the owner, the difficulties in on-site commissioning and operation and the results achieved were fully communicated.

After investigating the development prospects of new energy in Qinghai, Ms. Ma and Mr. Sun requested that the project department should be based on photothermal and gradually expand the surrounding new energy market while accumulating experience and talent reserves for photothermal projects. At the same time, it was emphasized that the project is in difficult environmental conditions, and the task of preventing and controlling the epidemic is still arduous. Leaders at all levels of the company are always concerning about everyone’s work and living conditions. During the epidemic, the employees should be reasonably arranged for rest, solve difficulties, stabilize the team, and make every effort to ensure the logistics of frontline employees.

During the period, the research team organized a research seminar on the project, and the commissioning and operation managers respectively reported on the development of the commissioning department and the operation department's Party building, safety production, manual configuration during unit commissioning and operation, difficulty analysis, and project follow-up plans.

At the meeting, Mr. Sun firstly conveyed the concern and gratitude from Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president, to the employees who stick to the frontline positions during the epidemic, and put forward several requirements for the on-site work. After that, Ms. Ma conveyed the concern and condolences of the company's Party committee and made requirements. 

Finally, the research team answered questions about the company’s development direction, project cost control, salary reform, personnel employment and logistics support, technical training, and personnel training that employees were concerned about, and introduced the company’s later development and strategic deployment, matters of Party building and trade union, safety production, team stability, personnel training, logistics support and other aspects have made arrangements and requirements for the work of the project .