212-day safe and stable operation of Morocco Jerada 350MW coal-fired unit


Up to July 13, 2020, the 350MW coal-fired unit had been operating for 212 days safely and steadily by the Morocco Jerada O&M Project of Huafeng Weiye Company and the generated energy reached 1,432,422MWh.

Since the commercial operation, Morocco Jerada O&M Project has always paid close attention to safety production, fully implemented the ‘zero accidents in safety production’ as a hard indicator, perfected all safety production management responsibility systems, and implemented the safety production responsibilities of personnel at all levels. The project resolutely implemented the ‘two tickets and three systems’, regularly carried out accident emergency drills to improve the operators’ ability to respond to emergencies. At the same time, strengthened the no defect management of equipment, eliminated hidden dangers of equipment in time, carried out anti-violation activities in depth, increased the investigation and treatment of violations, and minimized the risk of safe production.

Facing to the global outbreak of the COVID-19, the project was faced with many difficulties such as the isolation of local employees, the shortage of personnel, the difficulty of purchasing spare parts, and the overdue service of the unit. All staff worked together to overcome the difficulties, carried out various epidemic prevention and control measures, actively carried out energy-saving optimization, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement and other comprehensive improvement work, and successfully achieved the unit’s continuous safe and stable operation for 200 days.

The achievements belong to the past, the road ahead is still long, and the project has a long way to go, so all the personnel of the project will continue to implement the enterprise spirit, and work harder towards higher goals under the premise of ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment in order to make more contribution to the company’s development.