Myanmar Thaketa Project organizes fun games for Dragon Boat Festival


In order to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, enrich the cultural life of employees, create a harmonious and pleasant holiday atmosphere on the project, and enhance the cohesion and sense of pride of employees, on June 25, 2020, the Myanmar Thaketa Project held the fun games of the Dragon Boat Festival in front of the office building. Mr. Ruan Chao, the chief financial officer and the owner's representative, attended the activity and delivered a speech.

The activity set up basketball games, badminton singles and doubles games, fixed-point shooting, balloon passing paper cups, ring games and others. It attracted the active participation of more than 70 Chinese and Burmese employees from various departments. Everyone was eager to try. All the games and awards session made everyone smile and share the joyful atmosphere of the festival. In the end, the whole activity came to an end in singing and laughing.

The activity ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees to participate in sports, reflects the company's corporate spirit of focusing on cultivating employees' comprehensive quality, and strengthened in-depth implementation of corporate culture, enhanced friendship between employees, and cultivated the spirit of unity and cooperation. Next, the project will continue to implement the company’s "happy work and happy life" concept, organize more colorful cultural and sports activities and help the employees to devote themselves to work with a better mental state.