SA Ras Al Khair O&M Project organizes sunstroke accident drill


In order to steadily promote the 2020 Safety Production Month activities and effectively prevent the occurrence of sunstroke accidents during working hours, on the morning of June 17, 2020, Saudi Arabia Ras Al Khair O&M Project organized an emergency drill to prevent sunstroke.

On the site, the drill simulated that the maintenance personnel fainted due to sunstroke caused by long-term high temperature work in the functional room of the unit gas turbine room. The on-site inspection personnel found out the accident and immediately carried the person to a ventilated and shady place for simple first aid, and then immediately called for emergency rescue and reported in accordance with the emergency procedures, and together with the on-site personnel, untied the person’s coat, fanned with cardboard, and then it was found that the person was still fainted, so they implement CPR to him. After about 15 minutes, the medical staff in the factory came to the site with the on-site treatment team. They covered the person’s head with cold water towels, wipe the limbs of the patient to cool down, and measure the body temperature, heartbeat and blood pressure of the person, and give medicine to him. After the person’s situation was relatively stable, the medical staff take him to the living area for repair, and the drill ends.

Through this activity, the rescue awareness and emergency knowledge of the on-site employees have been improved, which will effectively prevent the occurrence of sunstroke accidents and protect the lives of the on-site staff.