Myanmar Thaketa Project organizes keynote speech activity


In order to welcome the arrival of the 19th Safety Production Month, implement the company's notice on launching the Safety Production Month and enrich the safety cultural activities of the project, at 19:00 on June 12th, 2020, the Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project held a keynote speech on Safety by My Side in the conference room.

Mr. Hao Fulong, the deputy project manager, gave a speech to emphasize the importance and necessity of this activity. Afterwards, the contestants presented their speeches in succession to the audience. The contestants kept close contact with the actual safety production, used vivid language and passionate speeches, moved every audience present, and won rounds of warm applause from the on-site personnel.

Carrying out the activity not only enriched the cultural life of the project staff, but also strengthened the safety awareness of all staff more effectively, and mobilized everyone to implement safety responsibilities in every specific work, fight to the three major safety enemies of "violation, paralysis and irresponsibility" to ensure safe production without accidents and make contributions to the harmonious, stable and safe development of the project.