Advanced Primary Party Organization for Huafeng Weiye Company Party Committee


Recently, the Party committee of Huafeng Weiye Company was awarded the title of Advanced Primary Party Organization by Power Construction Corporation of China and received the certificate and plaque.

Under the leadership of the company’s Party committee and the guidance of the Party-mass Affairs Office, the Party committee of Huafeng Weiye Company has been always guided by Xi Jinping’s thoughts on the socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, keeping the original aspiration and undertaking the mission, grasped ideological education and theme practice activities while strengthening ideological and organizational building, to ensure that the Party building and Party style and clean government construction work are integrated into the central task; standardized and implemented the Party building system, to incorporate the party building work system into corporate standardization management; integrated Party building culture into corporate culture construction, to improve organizational cohesion and core competitiveness; focused on innovation in Party building work, made full use of information platforms, and innovated work models. Continuously improving the in-depth integration of Party building work into production and operation to provide the strong ideological and organizational guarantee for the promotion of high-quality development of the company, and ensures that the Party building work and career development promote each other. Since the outbreak of the epidemic of this year, the Party committee of Huafeng Weiye Company has conscientiously implemented the spirit of the company’s Party committee, strictly implemented the company’s epidemic prevention and control and management and production arrangements, and gave full play to the battle fortress role of the primary Party organizations and the exemplary role of the Party members, implemented various epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure the safe production of the projects, which ensured the overall stable and orderly operation of the company.

Facing the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the Party committee of Huafeng Weiye Company deeply realized the arduousness of epidemic prevention and control and the challenges to operation and production, and will continue to innovate Party building work, pay close attention to implementation, and give full play to the political, organizational and ideological guarantees of primary Party organizations to ensure the steady progress of epidemic prevention and control and the operation and production, while building a strong commissioning and operating team, and make contribution to the smooth implementation of the company's fifth five-year plan.