Mr. Luan Shaogang Visits HTG Tower Trade Union Confederation


On June 10, 2020, Mr. Luan Shaogang, the secretary of the leading Party members' group and executive chairman of Laoshan district federation of trade unions, visited HTG Tower Trade Union Confederation. Mr. Sun Qili, the vice Party secretary, discipline and inspection committee secretary and the chairman of SEPCOIII Trade Union, Mr. Peng Hong, the chairman of HTG Tower Trade Union Confederation, the trade union chairmen of the members of the trade union confederation and related staff attended the meeting.
Mr. Sun warmly welcomed Mr. Luan. Mr. Peng introduced the overall situations of the subsidiaries and the trade union confederation. Mr. Luan affirmed the work of the trade union confederation and communicated with the attendees about staff care, staff home building and psychological service for staff. 
After that, Mr. Luan visited the company’s gym, staff home, mothers’ home and staff canteen and spoke highly of the work of the company’s trade union.
Mr. Luan’s visit further deepened the understanding and communication between the federation of trade unions and companies’ trade unions and has significant meaning to them to make use of the favorable policies and protecting the employees.