All five units of the world's largest fuel-fired power station were successfully connected to the grid


Saudi Yanbu Phase III 5×660MW fuel-fired power station Project is the largest fuel power station project under construction in Middle East, but also the world's largest fuel power station, located in the south of the Saudi Yambu City about 50 km, the project covers an area of 3.15 square kilometers. The project includes the construction 5×660 mw fuel (gas) power stations, unloading terminals and a matching 550,000 m³/day desalination project.
As an important political and people's livelihood project of Saudi government, the project bears the important task of water supply for Saudi holy city Medina. At the same time, as the benchmark project of the parent company in the Middle East regional market, the project is also responsible for the parent company's competition with European, American, Japanese and Korean enterprises, promoting the transformation of the EPC market pattern of the Middle East power station, and continuously expanding the brand influence, which is highly concerned by the Saudi government, the owner, the global energy industry and all employees of the company.
Our company, as an important part of the EPCO industry chain, undertakes the important tasks of system commissioning, reliability operation and performance test of the project unit and BOP system. However, the project owners, consulting, design, equipment, DCS configuration, seawater desalination construction involving Saudi Arabia, Germany, Spain, the United States, France, South Korea and many other countries and regions of many companies, a large number of interfaces party and cultural background and management concept differences between countries, coupled with tight time limit requirements, the entire project commissioning has brought a very challenging implementation.
Ever since entering the site on October 2017, the company's commissioning team has kept in mind its mission, worked together and worked hard, resolutely implemented the management concept of "emphasizing safety, raising quality, increasing control and strengthening summary ", standardized debugging process control and planning management, strengthened team building, focused on talent training, actively cooperated epc, actively overcome technical difficulties, overcome many difficulties, achieve the established goals:
On May 16th, 2018, the project department to Dou Shan water factory successfully supplied steam, one day ahead of the milestone node in the contract completed!
On March 13th, 2019, unit 2 connected to a successful grid!
On March 24th, 2019, the No .1 unit connected to a successful grid!
On June 6th, 2019, unit 3 connected to a successful grid!
On November 10th, 2019, Unit 4 connected to the grid once successful!
On February 2nd, 2020, the fifth unit connected to a successful grid!
At this point, the project department of 5 units inverted power transmission, 5 units blowing pipe and 5 units connected to the grid all success! The equipment runs normally, each parameter index is excellent, has won the owner, the supervision, the equipment and so on each related party high praise.
The successful completion of the world's largest fuel power plant project commissioning task, is the company's team "dare to create miracles, can create miracles" fine tradition of another full display, is the company's excellent project performance ability to reflect again, but also to the owners of full trust and high recognition of the best feedback, won wide praise in the industry.