HTG Tower Trade Union Confederation convenes the first session of membership representative conference


On the afternoon of January 13, 2020, the first session of membership representative conference of HTG Tower trade union confederation was successfully convened. Mr. Sun Qili, Deputy Secretary of CPC, Secretary of Commission and Chairman of the SEPCOIII Trade Union, 60 memberships from the subsidiaries attended the meeting. Ms. Zhou Wei, Deputy Director of the Party and Masses Office and Vice Chairman of the trade union, held the meeting.
The attendees listened to the confederation preparation report and the official reply issued by Lanshan District Federation of Trade Unions, elected the first session of the council of the trade union and the funds review committee and the women commission. Mr. Peng Hong took charge of the chairman of the trade union; Mr. Guo Bensheng is the director of the funds review committee; Ms. Sun Xuemei is the director of the women commission of the trade union.
The establishment of the trade union confederation is a measure taken by the suggestion of Laoshan District Federation of Trade Unions to integrate the six subsidiaries’ trade unions at into the district's direct union management, which can further strengthen the standardization and institutionalization of the trade union works, give full play to four functions, united and mobilized all employees to participate in the company's reform and development.
Mr. Sun put forward three requirements as follow:
The first is to strengthen ideological and political leadership, to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Party and Trade Union, guide the cadres and employees to solidly promote the implementation of the 5th five-years plan and help the company to achieve continuous leadership of the international EPC.
The second is to promote the standardized construction and team building of the trade union, proactively strengthen business contacts and communication with the Laoshan District Federation of Trade Unions, continue to focus on the "five major projects", and efficiently complete the tasks of the year.
Thirdly, give full play to “double defends” according to the working concept, be the family member and caring person to the employees, and maintain a harmonious and stable team.
Next, the trade union confederation will report the election results to Laoshan District Federation of Trade Unions and carry out the following works.