Saudi Ras Al Khair O&M Project finishes power generation job of 2019 in advance


Up to 0:00 of Nov 17, 2019, the gross generation of Saudi Ras Al Khair Gas Turbine Combined Cycle Power Plant went beyond 19.7 billion KWh, which means the annual generation job was finished 45 days in advance.
Since the beginning of the year, under the strong support of the company and the overall planning of the project leaders, the Saudi Ras Al Khair Project worked hard and took the initiative to carry out the management improvement work based on implementing “safety first, satisfy the Owner”. All the works were stable and orderly, which built a solid foundation for completing the annual power generation job ahead of time. On the one hand, the technicians carefully supervised and checked, discovered and dealt with defects in time, successfully handled several sudden equipment anomalies, improved the ability of the unit to operate in the gird and externally supply steam under abnormal conditions, effectively avoided load drop and ensured that the unit can be operated and spared in the “green safe zone”. On the other hand, the project paid close attention to safety, implemented headquarters deployment, carried out in-depth and effective inspections of safety, and strictly enforced the safe production discipline, fully eliminated safety hazards and consolidated the foundation of safety management. Thirdly, the project also improved technical management, strengthened technical analysis and research, which provided technical support for the stable and safe operation of the unit.
In this year, based on the concept of “Technology is the most powerful guarantee for safety”, the project has increased the investment in technical management, encouraged production technicians to conduct in-depth analysis and discussion on technical problems occurring on the site, and conducted a comprehensive evaluation of excellent technical summaries. There has gradually formed a preventable and referable process of summarizing the experience based on the technical summary, focusing on the means of evaluation, improving the management of technology within the project, which formed a favorable situation in which the operation and maintenance work is carried out in an orderly manner and the technical capabilities are continuously improved.
At present, the project is motivated by the completion of the annual job, and strives to achieve the "win-win" of economic and market benefits in order to fully accomplish the goals and tasks of this year.