Company organizes a kick-off meeting of enterprise standardization construction


On the afternoon of November 4, 2019, Huafeng Weiye Company organized the kick-off meeting of enterprise standardization construction and standards implementation. The company leaders, department managers, project managers and key staff attended the meeting. Mr. Li Biao, the deputy management director, held the meeting.
Mr. Peng Hong, the secretary of the Party committee and vice president, read the Notice of Setting Up the Standardization Management Committee and announced that the company's standardization construction work is officially started.
After that, Mr. Li publicized the concept and significance of enterprise standardization management, the basic system of enterprise standards and the company's standardization work plan, and elaborated on the necessity and importance of standardization construction. Mr. Li pointed out that standardization construction is an important means for establishing standardized process rules for the company's production, operation and management, establishing the best management order, accelerating the company's management and technological progress, and promoting the company's scientific management, and it also has significant meaning to improving the company's management level and operational efficiency and preventing business risk.
Mr. Li detailed publicized the different concepts and interrelationships between the enterprise standard system and the enterprise standard system table, the basic functions and principles of compilation and the key points of preparation of the enterprise standard system table, and emphasized the key points and requirements of standardization construction.
Afterwards, the department managers at the headquarters spoke one by one, and reported on the implementation of the company's standardization construction work and the work plan of their departments. The company leaders made arrangements, guidance and requirements for the standardization construction of the key tasks.
Finally, Mr. Ni Jiawei, the president, made a concluding speech. Mr. Ni said that standardization is an important basic work of enterprise management. Standardization construction provides indicators, guidelines and basis for scientific management of the company. Standardization management is conducive to the organic coordination and unification of various elements within the company, and promotes the standardization, routinization and scientific management of the company.
Mr. Ni required that all the departments and projects should attach great importance to standardization construction and grasp the standardization work into the work list, strengthen the publicity and training for employees, and solidify the standard system and technical specifications to the daily work, establish a continuous improvement mechanism and continuously innovate management methods and concepts. Mr. Ni stressed that the company will establish an inspection and guidance mechanism, regularly organize inspections and exchanges to ensure that the standardization construction could achieve tangible results.
Since the 4th Five-Year Plan, in the process of vigorous development of the parent company, Huafeng Weiye Company has firmly established its strategic positioning and innovative business structure and developed rapidly for many years, and made obvious progress on business development, team building, project execution, technical capability and operation management. Carrying out standardization construction and standardization management is a strategic measure formulated by the company after systematic thinking and scientific analysis in order to consolidate development results, improve management, shape brands and enhance competitiveness.
Promoting standardization management will be a systematic, long-lasting and gradual process. Huafeng Weiye Company will scientifically formulate work plans and steadily carry out standardization construction, to better develop the company itself and make contribution to the company's 5th Five-Year Plan, and support the company to lay a solid foundation to achieve a grand vision.