Myanmar Thaketa O&M Project holds Hand-in-hand Tutor signing ceremony


In order to give full play to the leading role of the technical personnel, improve the operation skills of the Burmese personnel of the Operation Department, and achieve the goal of localization of employees as soon as possible, on October 8, 2019, the Operation Department of the Myanmar Thaketa Project held a Hand-in-hand Tutor signing ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Mr. Xie Guodong, the assistant director of the Operation Department, and a total of 17 people from the project including the project leaders, the representatives of the Operation Department and the Burmese staff participated in the ceremony.
At the meeting, Mr. Xie explained the reasons for the signing and its benefits, and promised that the tutors would do their bests to teach the students. Subsequently, Mr. Xie also introduced the career planning of the employees of the Operation Department, and required the growth and learning objectives of the employees combining with his own experience. The Burmese staff spoke enthusiastically and said that they would follow the tutors wholeheartedly and strive to become an excellent operation staff as soon as possible.
After that, Mr. Wang Jian, the secretary of the 5th Party branch, put forward the following requirements for the work of Hand-in-hand Tutor: Firstly, the tutors must strictly demand the apprentices to help them establish a rigorous work style, persevere, and adapt them to their positions as soon as possible; the second is that the tutors should communicate with the employees to understand their inner thoughts in a timely manner, not only to be the tutor of their work, but also to play the role of a brother; the third is that the Burmese employees should respect their own tutors, treat the tutors as their loved ones, study hard, master the knowledge as soon as possible, and strive for an independent post as soon as possible to become an excellent operation employee.
The signing ceremony is of great significance. It not only stimulates the interest of the Burmese employees, but also increases their communication with the tutors. It also enhances the sense of responsibility of the tutors of the Operation Department and is conducive to the promotion of the localization of employees.