Pakistan Haveli O&M Project finishes maintenance jobs for GT1


On October 2, 2019, the GT1 of Pakistan Haveli 1230 GT Combined Cycle O&M Project was synchronized and operated with load, which means the defects elimination job was finished successfully.
This job is a great challenge for the safety and quality management of the project with tight time, heavy tasks, and many cross works. On September 19, the project organized a kick-off meeting for the job, and the project leaders, the directors of the project’s departments, the heads of various professional departments and the key staff participated in the meeting. At the meeting, all departments reported on the preparations for the maintenance work, and made detailed reports on safety, technology, quality, etc., and expressed their determination to complete the maintenance tasks with quality and quantity. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Wang Dezhi, the deputy manager of the project, affirmed the solid and effective preparation work of various departments in the early stage, emphasized the safety of on-site shutdown maintenance, and encouraged all maintenance personnel to enhance their sense of responsibility \and do their best to complete their tasks. Mr. Wang pointed out that all departments should clarify tasks and unify their thinking, and achieve "no hidden dangers, no reworking, no mistakes, no violation", and strive to achieve a success of "stop, repair, start" to ensure the maintenance task was successfully completed.
The scientific management of power plant equipment maintenance is one of the important measures to ensure the safety and economic operation of power generation equipment. According to the annual unit shutdown maintenance work plan, on September 21, the project officially launched the GT1 hot channel inspection and the whole plant shutdown and elimination work. The planned duration is 13 days. The staff form the O&M project, EPC project, and GE, work together to organize and arrange inspection and elimination work within the scope of responsibility. The shutdown maintenance was eliminated, the project department mainly carried out gas turbine inlet filter replacement, #1 boiler high side control valve card disassembly inspection, #1 and #2 boiler local inspection agency annual inspection, 10 battery pack charge and discharge test 3 main transformers and 4 factory change annual maintenance and non-electricity protection signal test, GT1 and GT2 11KV section power failure overhaul, DCS communication is perfect, GT1, GT2 control system upgrade and other 18 major items are overhauled. All departments of the project operation and maintenance team adhered to the principle of parallel safety and quality, and cooperated with each other to successfully complete the shortage of 27 small items of GT1 unit, 13 small items of ST unit and 43 small items of BOP system, and built a solid foundation for safe and efficient operation.
During the maintenance period of the unit, Pakistan is still in the summer season, and the temperature at noon is often as high as 40 °C. All the staff of the project are not afraid of the heat and actively carry forward the iron army spirit, and put their spirits into the work with high morale. The leaders of the project went deep into the front line to supervise the war, implemented defect items and handling cases one by one, actively dispatched various resources, and resolved unexpected matters in a timely manner. All departments actively cooperated, united and cooperated, strictly controlled the safety links, refined the quality inspection and acceptance work, and checked and verified the various systems after the completion of the maintenance, ensuring the smooth completion of the maintenance work.
On October 2, the GT1 was synchronized and operated with load successfully and the unit shutdown and defects elimination works were successfully completed. Under the unity and cooperation of the staff of the project department and the joint efforts of the employees, the crew realized a success of “stop, repair and start”, and all the safety and quality indicators were excellent. The maintenance task was completed one day in advance and achieved the owner’s appreciation. At the same time, it also provided a gift for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, which laid a solid foundation for the successful completion of the annual production plan of the unit.