Morocco Jerada O&M Project holds Hand-in-hand Tutor signing ceremony


In order to further play the role of the professional talents and promote the new staff grow up as soon as possible, Morocco Jerada O&M Project held the Hand-in-hand Tutor signing ceremony for the new staff on September 16, 2019. Mr. Wang Gang, the manager of the Operation Department, held the ceremony. The project leaders, tutors and 11 new staff attended the ceremony.
The tutors made speeches on how to improve the comprehensive skills of the apprentices and how to improve their professional skills based on their positions, and put forward the goals and suggestions for the new staff combining with their own experience. The trainees said that they will study hard and strive to become talented as soon as possible.
Mr. Li Qiusheng, the secretary of the 3rd Party branch, made the following requirements: First, the new staff should respect their tutors, be humble and eager to learn, and become the spokespersons of morality. Second, new employees should establish a rigorous attitude toward learning and work, and persist in being a spokesperson for teamwork. Third, new employees must learn to compete and make early achievements, and become the spokesperson of excellent skills; the fourth is that the tutors should always pay attention to the learning and life of new employees, and be the intimate friend of new employees; the fifth is that the tutors should help new employees in all aspects of study, life and work, and be enthusiastic people of new employees; sixth, the tutors should remind the new employees and acts as a guide for them, and become the leader of the new employees.
Signing the agreement improved the trainees’ enthusiasm for learning, enhanced the tutors’ sense of responsibility, and promoted the better teaching and learning between the tutors and the trainees, which is conducive to better promoting onsite personnel training jobs. Next, the project will take the Hand-in-hand Tutor training as an opportunity to do a good job in the following training of new employees and contribute to the company's talent pool.