Morocco Jerada O&M Project finishes a training for new staff


On September 4, 2019, Morocco Jerada O&M Project organized the 11 new staff and the older staff to communicate with each other, which means that the training for the new staff was successfully completed.
The older ones talked about their work and life experiences and told the new staff their practical experience and injected motivation and confidence into the new staff’s future work and life. The new staff also shared their experience got from the training. Mr. Li Qiusheng, the deputy secretary of the 3rd Party branch, put forward the following expectations and requirements for new employees: First, pick up the anchor to reach the goal; Second, find the benchmark and learn from the advanced models; Third, work hard; Fourth, seize the opportunities; Fifth, live in harmony with others; Six, improve accomplishment and make yourself to be more perfect.
In order to help the new staff to join into the project and adapt to the job, the project arranged the specific training for the 11 new staff based on the principle of being simple and efficient. The training began on August 29 and includes local culture, management systems, safety, production, technology, procedures, and processes. During the training period, the Administration Management Department explained the local culture and the basic management system of the project, which enhanced the compliance awareness of new staff. The Operation Department introduced the boilers, steam turbines, electrical, chemical, fuel, etc. to the new employees, which helped the new staff to have a deeper understanding of the operating principles of the power plant systems; the Safe Production Department organized the safety training, so that new staff can further understand the importance of “safety responsibility is more important than mountains”.
The training has laid a good theoretical foundation for the new staff to be qualified for employment and personal growth in the future. Next, each department and professional will carry out the professional trainings according to the training plan.