Morocco Jerada O&M Project organizes lineation work


In order to further promote the work of safe production standardization, consolidate the project O&M management foundation, the Morocco Jerada O&M Project organized a lineation work in August, 2019, based on in-depth promotion of system construction, emergency management and safety culture promotion at the early stage, to functionally divide the area and warn of potential risks. Currently, the work has been completed and passed the internal acceptance.
Under the unified leadership and command of the project, all departments coordinate and cooperate with each other, through scientific analysis and demonstration, determine the area and scope of the scribe line, measure the lined parts and spacing, and purchase enough materials to formulate practical implementation plans. During the lineation process, the project adopts a method of step-by-step in different area and time, which not only ensures the normal development of the equipment for regular inspection and elimination, but also ensures that the quality of the lineation meets the standard requirements.
Finally, with the active participation and joint efforts of all the staff, the project overcame the high temperature weather and many unfavorable factors on the site, and completed the lineation work for 20 days.
After that, the project formed an acceptance team, carried out the acceptance work to the main workshop, the boiler body and the peripheral area according to the requirements of the safety production standardization specifications of the power generation enterprise, and the relevant lines were proved to meet the standard requirements. The successful completion of the lineation work has created favorable conditions for further enhancing the safety awareness of the whole staff and improving the safe working environment on the site. At the same time, it marked a new step in the safety production standardization construction work of the project.
Since Huafeng Weiye Company organized the Management Improvement Year activity from last year, the Morocco Jerada O&M Project insisted on the close integration of safety standardization construction with management improvement and effectively integrated standardization construction into safe production and project management, enhanced leadership, implemented responsibilities, strengthened measures, comprehensively improved the level of O&M jobs, and made unremitting efforts to create a safe and standardized power plant and create an international O&M brand image.