Company organizes an examination for technical staff


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the parent company’s workers congress, continuously optimize the structure of the company's technical personnel, promote the realization of the goal of all-round technical talents in commissioning and O&M, and promote the improvement of the technical capability level of the commissioning and O&M teams, on the afternoon of August 22, 2019, Huafeng Weiye Company organized the first  examination for the technical staff. A total of 293 people from the headquarters and 13 domestic and overseas projects participated in the exam. Mr. Li Xuesong, the vice president, inspected the exam at the headquarters, and inspected the remote video invigilation of the projects.
According to the examination plan, the exam is divided into three batches and the exam papers are divided into three sets: A, B and C. Each paper is divided into five majors: steam turbine, boiler, electric, I&C and chemical and environment. The staff could select their own major.
In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination, the HR Department and the T&QC Center have carefully planned and organized, and the propositions and scoring are completed by external professional organizations. The main exam room is set up at the headquarters, and the projects set up sub exam rooms. In addition to the invigilator appointed by the company, there were also special personnel to conduct remote monitoring and invigilation. Before the test, the papers were opened on the spot. After the exam, the papers were sealed and submitted to the external organization for review. This examination is mainly based on professional theoretical knowledge to comprehensively examine the staff’s professional theory and knowledge level. With the cooperation of relevant departments and projects, the examination was successfully completed.
After this examination, the company will organize the second and third exams on September and October for all the commissioning and O&M staff.