Pakistan Haveli O&M Project organizes a celebration party for Eid al-Adha, Independence Day


In order to further enhance the sense of belonging and honor of Pakistani employees, promote cultural exchanges with relevant local parties, and create a harmonious working atmosphere for both Chinses and Pakistani employees, on August 18, 2019, the Haveli O&M Project organized a celebration party for the Eid al-Adha, Independence Day. On the evening, more than 300 people including the owner, the local government police, the BALLOKI power plant, the family members of the Pakistani employees, the local students and the project staff attended the celebration party.
At the beginning of the event, Mr. Ma Yongfeng, the vice president of Huafeng Weiye Company and the O&M project manager, delivered a holiday greeting to all the Pakistani on the party on behalf of the project, and welcomed the representatives to participate in the event during their busy schedule. Mr. Ma said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan for 68 years, the seeds of friendship have grown into a towering tree under the inheritance of several generations, and the Haveli project is the best witness of China-Pakistan friendship. Since the beginning of this year, with the support of the owners, and with the joint efforts of all the Chinese and Pakistani employees, the project has achieved excellent results and successfully completed the first anniversary of COD. He hoped that all parties could further strengthen cooperation and communication and strive to build the project into a benchmark of O&M in the Pakistani power market, and make greater contributions to Pakistan's infrastructure construction and economic development. In the end, Mr. Ma wished China-Pakistan friendship for a long time, which won warm applause from the audience.
Mr. Kotak, the CEO from the owner side, made a speech and expressed gratitude to the project for the hard work over the past year. He expressed his appreciation for the great progress and achievements made by the project. He said that he will continue to strengthen communication and exchanges with the project and work together with the project for the O&M works to achieve a win-win situation.
After that, carefully arranged Pakistani national anthem chorus, Independence Day history speech, ethnic dance, student chorus, employee solo, drama performance and other programs took turns on stage. The traditional Pakistani dance brought by the local national dance pushed the cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere to a climax.
Holding the party further deepened the cooperation relationship between the project and the owner, strengthened the cultural exchanges with local parties, enhanced the sense of belonging and honor of the Pakistani employees, created a strong atmosphere of friendship between China and Pakistan, improved the company’s local influence in Pakistan, and also created favorable conditions for the development of the following O&M works.