Nigeria Ogun O&M Project promotes expanded medium repair of GT8


August 6 is the 15th day of GT8 hot channel expanded medium repair of Nigeria Ogun O&M Project. Under the leadership of the project, the professionals of the project cooperated in accordance with the requirements of the maintenance work, strengthened the on-site safety supervision and management, started from the details, strictly controlled the safety quality and progress of the maintenance, and ensured that the GT8 hot channel was expanded. Efficiency and high-quality progress smoothly.
In order to do a good job in process control, the project department has taken various measures: strictly implement the two-tickets and three-systems, do a good job of identifying hazard sources, implement organizational measures, technical measures, and safety measures for each work; strictly control the duration of the node, refine The responsibility of equipment is implemented to people, and all work is guaranteed to be carried out in an orderly manner; on-site safety and quality supervision and control are strengthened; the standards of various maintenance operations are strictly implemented, the system of project leader and quality tracking system are strictly implemented, and special personnel are required to carry out on-site operation tracking and supervision. Strengthen on-site management and control of major links, important node maintenance standards and process flow, conscientiously implement quality checkpoint acceptance, and comprehensively improve maintenance quality. With the joint efforts of all the staff of the project department, the maintenance work is moving forward in a safe and orderly manner.
Up to now, the electrical maintenance work has been completed, the staff fully cooperate with the mechanical professional to complete all work; the I&C maintenance work has been completed 80%, to ensure the normal trial operation of the main equipment; the mechanical work was moved to the installation of new replacement parts In the phase, 15 important engineering nodes were completed, two days ahead of schedule.
The work has a large number of expansion work items, heavy tasks, in the rainy season, the professionals of the project will give full play to the spirit of the iron army, strict control and compliance with various maintenance regulations, promote the maintenance work, in order to lay a solid foundation for the safety and economic operation of the unit after maintenance.