Morocco Jerada O&M Project participates into China-Morocco Investment and Trade Forum


At local time July 23, 2019, the China-Morocco Investment and Trade Forum held by the SSC and the Chinese embassy in Morocco was held at the CGEM headquarters. The important Chinese enterprises and members of the CGEM participated into the forum. Morocco Jerada O&M Project was invited to the forum.
Mr. Salahuddin Mezouar, the president of the CGEM, Mr. Lv Xinhua, the president of the SSC, and Mr. Li Li, the Chinese ambassador, made speeches on the forum and introduced the background of this event, the current economic and trade cooperation situation between China and Morocco and future project cooperation planning. Mr. Lv emphasized that as the first stop of the SSC visits to Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Morocco has a geographical advantage and is one of the most attractive countries in Africa. Under the Belt and Road and SSC framework, China and Morocco have greatly strengthened cooperation in transportation and infrastructure construction. In the future, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Morocco will have more potential.
The forum provided a platform for communication between Chinese and local companies in Morocco. The companies delivered effective market information in a harmonious atmosphere and laid a good foundation for further development cooperation.
During the meeting, Mr. Li Qiusheng, the secretary of the 3rd party branch of Huafeng Weiye Company Party Committee, introduced the company's development profile and project performance to the relevant parties, and conducted in-depth exchanges with the participating Moroccan companies on the cooperation intention and vision. Through interactions with local companies, we have gained a deeper understanding of the environment and resources of the Moroccan electricity market.
As the western bridgehead of the Belt and Road, the Jerada project has great significance for further enhancing the company's influence and expanding the market within the region. Next, the project’s O&M team will continue to carry forward the iron army spirit, with the goal of creating an operation and maintenance benchmarking project, and solidly and steadily promote all the tasks to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.