Nigeria Ogun O&M Project Dept Organised Staff to Watch the 2014 Annual Discipline Inspection and Supervision Work Video Conference


  On Feb 28th, 2014, company’s 2014 Annual Discipline Inspection and Supervision Work Conference was held in company’s headquarter in Qingdao. The leading group and the leaders of each department in Nigeria Ogun O&M Project watched the video conference at the same time.
  During the conference, all participants carefully listened to the spirit of group company’s working conference which was conveyed by company’s party secretary Degao Sun, the report of company’s discipline inspection and supervision work which was made by company’s chairman of the trade union doubles secretary of discipline inspection commission Qili Sun, as well as the work reports which were made by company’s general manager Lujun Wang and other members in the leading group.
  After the conference, the assistant manager of the project Shaohua Liu demanded all departments to understand the spirit of the conference carefully, to do the self-reflection and find out the shortcomings, and to be incorruptible and responsible to every work task given by the company.