Report of Nigeria Ogun Project Compassion Donation Activity


  On March 5th, 2014, Nigeria Ogun O&M Project actively responded to the call from company’s Love Foundation and Party-mass Work Department of the activity named ‘Love in the World, Warm You and Me’ and advocated all members in the project to give their helping hand to the people in need.
  All members in the project took part into the activity actively. The leader of the project and the party members and cadres took the lead on the activity. A portion of the colleagues who had already been back to China also donated a lot after they got the news. In the end, there were 10950 yuan raised from this activity.
  The love was flying in Ogun, and the warm was spreading to motherland. The employees in the project gave their love and help to others, and at the same time made their characters and spirits be sublimated and cultivated. Let us raise the hope with love, warm the world with passion, help the people in need with action, and build our life with happiness and harmonious together!