The Most Beautiful Employee in Power Construction Industry: Technology Pioneer and Industry Model, Lv Tao, Chief Engineer in Huafeng Weiye Company


  Lv Tao, currently the Chief Engineer in Qingdao Huafeng Weiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd, has dedicated his heart and mind into energy power industry after graduation in 2001 from Power Engineering Department, Shangdong University. He loves his job and grows in practice and contribution.
  Hard work leads to great achievements.
  Lv Tao entered into power industry after graduation and started in the power plant automatization system development; with hard work and interest, he strived to be the pioneer in electrical testing and contributed greatly to the engineering construction and technology upgrading.
  Lv Tao participated in the commissioning of many projects and directed the startup trial run, performance test and reliability run of many projects involving the commissioning of divisions like boiler, steam turbine, electrical, I&C and chemistry and so on. By now, he has participated in the commissioning of 14 units in which nine of them are overseas units, including coal-fired unit plant, oil-fired unit plant, gas turbine and combined circulation plant, bio-energy plant, flue gas desulphurization project and seawater desalination project and so on; the single unit capacity ranges from 12MW to 1000MW and his service includes DCS software development and configuration, electric engineering commissioning, O&M including training, unit performance test and relay protection setting calculation and so on.
  Commissioning plays an important role in the safe, reliable, economical and environmental-friendly operation of the units. Chief Engineer Lv Tao voluntarily conducted the compilation of commissioning guideline, commissioning plans and commissioning procedures of various systems and directed the commissioning of various systems; he also directed problem-solving teams to tackle the problems in the testing section to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the power plants.
  Leading a team to compete with well-known international corporations
  Most of the projects Huafeng Weiye Company has are international projects and we have to compete with Siemens Group, GE Group, and well-established corporations in Japan and South Korea. Although the well-known international corporations conducted the management and consulting of the projects and the tests are in accordance with the European and American standards, which are quite different from the commissioning standards of other projects of our company, the successful operations of these projects laid good foundation for the development of our company in the international market.
  When it comes to commissioning quality management, Mr. Lv led a team and drew up and implemented Commissioning Complete Certificate (CCC) by combining the international conventions with the actual conditions in the projects and adhering to the industry standards, thus ensuring the orderly quality management in the commissioning of overseas power plants and eliminating the differences between the domestic commissioning quality inspection and evaluation system and contracts. The system was acknowledged by overseas owners and another successful attempt entering the international market.
  The Saudi Arabia Rabigh oil fired power plant project is a typical project among the international projects conducted by our company. Lv Tao’s team set many Chinese records: a 60Hz with the biggest capacity independently constructed by Chinese people; an oil fired boiler unit with the biggest capacity and the first unit to successfully solve the boiler vibration. Besides the high heat efficiency, the unit also kept high standards in environmental protection: the dust emission lower than 10mg/Nm3 and the SO2 emission lower than 100mg/Nm3.
  After the hard work of Chief Engineer Mr. Lv Tao’s team, the Rabigh project achieved under extreme conditions, perfect plant automatization, water supply control strategy, bypass control strategy, whole unit coordination CCS function, startup and shutdown by one button of the boiler, turbine, generator and seawater desulphurization system and realized Run Back function or FCB function in conditions like auxiliary system malfunction or external network malfunction. Therefore, his team raises the automatization level of the unit to a new stage. At first, the owner was worried about the commissioning competence of our company and invited two experts from America to examine our testing plan. Lv’s team successfully convinced the experts and the owner on the feasibility of our testing principle, experience and plans. The final test results of the unit demonstrated the international level of our testing competence: the unit can conduct automatic switchover under above situations to realize stabilized unit load or station service operation; the project can resume load after tackling the problems; the unit operation is safe and economical and acknowledged by various parties.
  Building a professional team for the long-term development of our company
  The company cannot have a sustainable development without a strong talent team. As the Chief Engineer, Mr. Lv pays lots of attention to the training of project professionals. He organized training, special studies on typical test subjects and conducted site technical disclosures to train the next generation of competent technician and engineers. He also organized regular lectures and other activities to help the development of young technicians. Now many of the young technicians who has benefited from the training of Mr. Lv Tao are in management positions in our projects.
  The commissioning team adheres to standard routine management and the project technology management matters most among various management works. Chief Engineer Lv Tao excises strict self-discipline before requiring others to do the same and organizes technicians to study and innovate to make the project technology management standard and orderly, thus making the project quality management orderly, controllable and under control. His commissioning team performed well in the quality credit evaluation organized by our company both in professional material and office material, and laid solid foundation for the economic performance of the projects.
  The Saudi Arabia Rabigh project commissioned by his team was awarded 2012 Best Management Innovation Award and the Saudi Arabia Zwar Project commissioned by his team was awarded 2013 Annual Production Management Innovation Award; Mr. Lv was award 2013 Annual Best Executive Award. In order to better put his knowledge and experience into practice, Mr. Lv summarized his project and technology management experience and published many professional essays like Startup Trial Run Characteristics of Bio-energy Power Plants, ECC/CCC Management Pattern of Overseas Project Commissioning and so on; cimpiled technology summaries on typical projects in India and Middle East Region, providing theory guidance for the future business expansion of our company.