The Most Beautiful Employee in Power Construction Industry: The Iron Lady in Huafeng Weiye Company, Engineer Wu Hongmei


  There is an iron lady working in the frontline of power plant commissioning in Qingdao Huafeng Weiye Electric Power Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. Engineer Wu Hongmei joined our company in early 2007 and with rich professional knowledge and hard work, she worked all her way up from a technician India project site to the Director of Chemistry and Environment Protection Institute, and to the Vice Manager of Production and Technology Department. She is the iron lady working in the field of power plant commissioning.
  At the end of 2013, our company became a subsidiary of SEPCOIII Electric Power Construction Corporation. There was lots of work at the beginning of the transition and the increasing projects posed great difficulty for the employee deployment. At the time Engineer Wu Hongmei was recently appointed as Vice Manager of Production and Technology Department and she volunteered to carry the burdens of building commissioning technology management system, personnel arrangement in various institutes, technology management in Chemistry and Environment Protection Institute and site personnel deployment and so on.
  Overall consciousness and innovation
  With the rapid development of our company, especially after 2012, the increasing projects posed great difficulty for the employee deployment. Engineer Wu Hongmei had an overall consciousness and planed as a whole the personnel deployment among different projects and departments; she knew that the technological assets played an important role in the project commissioning; she arranged the technological assets in different projects before deploying commissioning team among several projects. She contributed a lot in the personnel deployment and guaranteed the smooth and orderly operation of the commissioning projects.
  After the Production and Technology Department was newly founded, Engineer Wu Hongmei first reorganized the regulations and systems to make sure that they can be implemented in various sites; second, she organized professionals in different divisions to compile the commissioning operation permits and work order sheets in order to guarantee the commissioning quality. In order to perfect the internal management in Production and Technology Department and production weekly report and monthly report systems and relevant technology management guideline, she revised over 100 professional technology documents and provided reference for the commissioning procedures and production.
  Going to sites and taking initiative
  In order to make sure the right technology management and personnel deployment, Engineer Wu Hongmei went to project sites to conduct site investigation. She planed the production management and various coordination works; she also learnt about the work conditions of employees. She planned as a whole in the process of resource distribution among different projects in order to make sure the smooth operation of different projects.
  Engineer Wu Hongmei also paid lots of attention to the training of new employees. She organized regular trainings for technicians and arranged new employees to learn from experienced ones to quickly improve the whole competence of our employees.
  A hard worker and team worker
  Everyone speaks highly of Engineer Wu because of her responsibility and commitment. Being careful and patient, she volunteered to host and prepare for various meets and drew up plans and documents; she often had to work overtime for many nights. Her hard work and commitment contributes a lot to our company.
  Besides her commitment and hard work at work, Engineer Wu also cares about the feelings of our employees work overseas. She would talk to them and know about their feelings during her personal time; she would also organize some activities to help build a team work spirit in our company.
  Hard work leads to great achievements. Engineer Wu keeps perfect work performance and her team has won the awards and acknowledgement from the owners and EPC project departments for many successive years; the Chemistry and Environment Protection Institute led by her has been awarded EXCELLENT TEAM for many years and she also won many personal awards for her excellent performance. Initiative, responsibility and commitment have been demonstrated by her professional performance time and time again.